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I was referred to Dr. Howell by family members who were alarmed by my loss of energy and increased pain even though I was seeing a local chiropractor. My family convinced me that Dr. Howell was really good and that I should drive 35 minutes each way to meet this chiropractor. And guess what, they were right!!

I was surprised by Dr. Shawn's approach. First off, I didn't need to come in 3 times a week, X-rays were done at the office and after 4 sessions, if I wasn't seeing results I liked, Dr. Shawn said I was free to find help elsewhere. He made it easy for me to not continue with him but that would have been a big mistake for me!!

After several months of going to Howell Chiropractic, I am happy to say that I was able to enjoy many activities I had stopped doing. My migraines have lessened and I no longer had sudden falls that I was having in the past. My energy is up and I was on the road to improvement. I got my life back!

Thank you Dr. Shawn.

G.M. - Springfield, OH