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My name is Stephanie and I am twenty-three years old. In 2013, I was re-diagnosed with epilepsy. I suffer from a form of epilepsy called absence seizures. Absence seizures cause a lapse of awareness and are sometimes accompanied with blank staring. The seizures begin and end abruptly, lasting anywhere from five to ten seconds. On a good day I would have roughly five to ten seizures, and on a bad day I could have upwards of twenty-five, but that was until I came to see Dr. Howell. My experience here has been nothing short of wonderful. I was informed that I had three rotated vertebrae in my neck, two in my back, and my hip was out of place, all of which caused a lot of stress on my body and brain.

After a couple of weeks of seeing Dr. Howell, not only was my pain pretty much gone, but so were my seizures. I am now going on three weeks seizure free and I haven't been medicated throughout this entire process! I know the reason I have been seizure free is because of the chiropractic work done in this office. I am forever grateful and will be recommending this office to others and returning here in the future.

S.W. - Kettering, OH